Red Sox star JD Martinez has perfect troll for Tom Brady at Spring Training

Everything’s been downhill for Boston ever since 2018.

Though the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots both won championships that year, it wasn’t too long after that the Sox swiftly missed the playoffs, were forced to part ways with Alex Cora (but then brought him back), and then traded Mookie Betts.

We all know what happened with the Pats.

Tom Brady, along with a number of other key free agents, skipped down following the disappointing 2019 season.

Then Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to join Brady in Tampa Bay, where the two helped lead the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl just a few weeks ago.

But New England is still keeping its head high and the Sox showed some support for Brady in a funny way at Spring Training, which, coincidentally, is in Tampa Bay. JD Martinez already won the award for shirt of the year. And it caught Brady’s attention on Twitter.

Yes, you remember that video of Brady completely tanked during the Bucs Super Bowl boat parade. Picture perfect snapshot. JD slapped a “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” label on it and gave the world a one-of-a-kind album cover.

He actually helped the former Pats quarterback inadvertently. Earlier in the day, TB12 took to social media and revealed he was already bored this offseason without football. Well, now he’s got some album art to work with!

Why not add a Grammy Award to those seven Super Bowl rings? Get in the studio, Tommy!

Just kidding. We really don’t want that. At all. Stick to making history on the gridiron, even if it’s away from the Patriots, who are facing one of the most critical offseasons in recent franchise history.

While Brady will continue to enjoy the hot Florida sun in the coming months, Bill Belichick will be in his lab in freezing cold Massachusetts trying to construct the next great Patriots team. Maybe when JD gets back to Boston he can give one of these t-shirts to the Pats head coach so he can don it during his first press conference after making a number of big splashes in free agency and on the trade market.