Tom Brady trolls Drew Brees and himself ahead of playoff showdown

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady trolled himself and Drew Brees ahead of their weekend showdown.

Forgive me if I’m breaking news to any Patriots fans, but Tom Brady is not a young man.

He is, in fact, so old that he’s aged off of our team’s current roster, and has taken his 43-year-old talents not to South Beach, but to the south and pretty near a beach.

Brady has avoided all the foibles that usually come with age, though, and has advanced once again to the second round of the playoffs, this time in the NFC, and will face Drew Brees and the Saints with a shot at the NFC Championship Game on the line next week.

How this is possible? We don’t know. The man simply keeps doing this, and had one of his best deep-ball playoff games ever against Washington’s beastly front seven last week.

As is usually the case, though, Brady gets it. He understands he’s too old to be doing this, and he understands Brees is, too. So, ahead of the Battle of Where Bulge Should Be, But Isn’t, Brady released a ‘History Channel’ promo for the showdown featuring supremely aged versions of both quarterbacks.

History certainly does await, and we’re not sure how much more history we have ahead of us, so it’d probably be a good idea for Patriots fans to get in front of a television this Sunday.

Let the record state, though: Tom Brady looks much better than Drew Brees in this image.

Much like the NFL rule book over the past two decades, this image in tilted heavily in Brady’s favor.

So, make sure to tune in Sunday in New Orleans, when the Most Interesting Man in the World faces off against Your Dad’s Friend Ron in an NFL showdown for the ages.

If Brady actually does age this gracefully, he could be back in this game for decades.

If Brees ages in accordance with his photo, he could have a pencil behind his ear at an accounting firm by next summer.