Tom Brady refuses to gloat over Patriots missing playoffs

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady won’t gloat over the Pats’ misfortune.

Sunday was a ceremonially depressing day for Patriots fans, though one they’ve seen coming for weeks now — or, at least since the Rams took care of Josh McDaniels’ “offense” last Thursday night.

The inevitable became reality against the Dolphins in Miami, an historical house of horrors for the Patriots, when a Tua Tagovailoa run and a strange Stephon Gilmore double-non-injury stood out as the representative plays on the day the Pats officially clinched a spot at home for the winter.

Though myriad changes are on the way for a team that can still finish 6-10 (here’s hoping!), none will be as monumental as what went down last year when long-time, era-defining QB Tom Brady jumped ship to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Despite a sour ending to his tenure in New England that’s involved some Robert Kraft begging and the 2020 admission that he would never move back to a cold-weather area again, Brady remained even-keeled on Sunday when given a chance to gloat in his former team’s face.

Coming off a remarkable comeback win against — and this is hard to believe — the Falcons, Brady was asked a two-parter about a certain missed pass to Rob Gronkowski, as well as the Patriots missing the playoffs. His response was measured.

“Which question do you want me to answer?” a smiling Brady said. “The Gronk one?”

“As far as the Patriots, they have their own thing going,” Brady said. “I’ve really been focused on how my play needs to be at quarterback, the execution of mine. They’re not really an opponent of mine. Obviously I have a lot of friends there, a lot of great relationships. But they’ve been focused on what they need to do, and I’ve been trying to focus on what my job is.”

First Los Angeles wins the World Series, and now this — an incredible end to the year for Dodgers!

Naturally, on the day the Patriots’ season ended, for all intents and purposes, we were treated to another spectacular comeback from the grave for Brady in Atlanta, a team which he was smart enough to turn into a division rival this year.

The Patriots will pick up the pieces, too — don’t expect Bill Belichick to congratulate Brady when he slurps his way into the postseason this year from the NFC South.

At the very least, he didn’t rub his South Florida margarita salt into our wound.