Ex-Patriots coaches openly roasting Tom Brady is bizarre

Bucs QB Tom Brady (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Bucs QB Tom Brady (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Some former Patriots coaches, like Joe Judge, seem to not think very highly of Tom Brady.

It goes without saying that Tom Brady didn’t cover himself in glory over his final season with the New England Patriots, as he was outspoken about the team’s lack of offensive firepower and requested (on numerous occasions) to be provided with better weapons.

There’ve also been a few instances this season — like Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians lauding Brady’s newfound patience with younger players, for instance — where the 43-year-old quarterback has perturbed the fanbase he once led to glory.

All in all, however, Brady commands tremendous respect from the Foxborough faithful, and rightfully so. After all, he was very much responsible for the Patriots’ unprecedented run of success over the last two decades. With that in mind, you’d be hard-pressed to find members of the Patriots’ coaching staff who seem to think Brady was overrated, right?

Well, think again. Check out this latest Twitter thread from Sports Illustrated reporter Michael Silver, who shockingly claimed that former special teams coach Joe Judge and other ex-assistants think the three-time MVP was a product of the Patriots’ system.

Silver’s string of posts detailed the controversy surrounding Judge, now the head coach of the New York Giants, after he fired offensive coordinator Marc Colombo this week following an alleged heated verbal exchange.

Brady entered the conversation after Silver noted that Judge and some other former Patriots coaches used to emanate an “alarming aura” of egotism. We’re not going to debate whether there’s truth behind those claims, but it’s downright befuddling to think that ex-staff members (plural) have actively castigated the six-time champion’s ability this year.

Don’t worry though, Patriots fans. Judge and the anonymous assistants do acknowledge that Brady is as intelligent as they come at the quarterback position and that New England did a less than stellar job at equipping him with top-tier talent.

Given the Patriots’ polarizing reputation, it’s not surprising that some delusional media members have convinced themselves that Brady is overrated from a raw talent perspective and that the team’s system masked his deficiencies. However, not in a million years did we anticipate former coaching staff personnel to buy into the noise.

For the sake of argument, Brady currently has the Buccaneers in pole position to nab one of the highest seeds in the NFC. Through 10 games (in a new system), he’s completing 66% of his passes for 2,739 yards and 23 touchdowns to seven interceptions.

Not bad for a player who apparently isn’t as great as some people are led to believe. Makes you think how much better he would’ve been had the Patriots put more of an emphasis on making upgrades to their skill positions.