Patriots: Boston radio host calling out Bill Belichick on Twitter seems like a bad idea

We have yet another example proving Boston radio hosts have no filter when they critique the Patriots.

Fans in New England were finally put out of their misery this weekend when the Patriots were eliminated from playoff contention following their loss to Miami in a game that was really there for the taking in the first half.

The defeat was essentially a microcosm of the Patriots’ struggles this season: the passing game looked as inept as ever once it crossed midfield and the defense ultimately succumbed to fatigue after a commendable effort to make up for the offense’s incompetence.

With two meaningless games remaining on the schedule, head coach Bill Belichick was asked during an interview with WEEI Radio if he would continue to roll with quarterback Cam Newton as the starter or allow backup Jarrett Stidham to get some valuable first-team reps.

The highlight came after some intriguing back-and-forth bickering when Belichick presumably grew fed up with being asked the same question and delivered an awkward pregnant pause that lasted 15 seconds. After the segment, co-host Lou Merloni took to Twitter to sound off on the Patriots legend for his condescending attitude.

Calling out arguably the greatest coach in NFL history sounds like a bold strategy, but what do we know?

This would be an entirely different conversation if Belichick was courteous and insightful with the media throughout his esteemed career. However, that’s been anything but the case over the last 26 years. What other kind of response are we supposed to expect from him after pundits insist on peppering him with questions on a topic he’s addressed on numerous occasions this season?

It isn’t news that Belichick doesn’t respond well to losing. After all, he’s done nothing but win since he took over the reins of the Patriots organization back in 2000. His most notable feats include  a .728 winning percentage, nine Super Bowl appearances, six championships, and 17 AFC East titles, including 11 straight before that streak was snapped by Buffalo this year.

We’re not sure what it is about WEEI radio hosts, but they sure love calling out Patriots legends amid controversy. Just last week, a delusional loudmouth attacked Tom Brady and demanded an apology after he made a snarky comment about New England’s frigid winter climate, implying that he’s enjoying not having to play in freezing cold weather every weekend.

The nerve, right?

It’s duly noted that Belichick has a tendency to get snippy in front of the microphone, and we would love nothing more than for him to nip that in the bud. However, let’s not act like we don’t have over two decades worth of evidence that proves — regardless of whether the Patriots are winning or not — he’s incapable of change.