WEEI host attacks Tom Brady for being phony and demands apology

TAMPA, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 23: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks on prior to facing the Los Angeles Rams at Raymond James Stadium on November 23, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
TAMPA, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 23: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks on prior to facing the Los Angeles Rams at Raymond James Stadium on November 23, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Some folks over at WEEI don’t seem to appreciate former Patriots QB Tom Brady as much as they should.

Despite everything Tom Brady gave to the New England Patriots’ organization over the last 20 seasons, you just knew there would be a handful of delusional pundits who are still hung up on his widely panned decision to leave for greener pastures in the offseason.

WEEI radio host Ken Laird unfortunately falls under this category of ingrates, and the sad part is that his loudmouth opinion boiled down to a recent comment from Brady that seemed to hint that he wasn’t a fan of New England’s frigid winter climate.

“You won’t catch me dead living in the Northeast anymore,” Brady uttered to reporters last week leading up to the Buccaneers’ showdown with the Vikings. It was this comment that prompted Laird to go scorched earth on the 43-year-old quarterback’s decision to abandon the Patriots, months after it probably should have sunk in.

Prepare yourselves, Brady diehards, because the following excerpt from Laird’s tirade is the epitome of nauseating.

"“Brady’s jab at our weather was more than just mean, it was a from-the-heart moment that revealed he’s glad to be gone, and that he doesn’t remember his time here very fondly” Laird wrote. “A week later, he hasn’t even bothered to craft a token apology for having his words taken out of context. No, Brady doesn’t care about us. Worse, he probably regrets us.”"

Did anybody else just laugh out loud? All that Brady did here was provide a spot-on summation of New England’s miserable winter climate. We honestly have no idea how that prompted Laird to draw the conclusion that he regrets his time with the Patriots, with who he won 17 AFC East titles, appeared in nine (!) Super Bowls and won six championships.

Even more laughable was Laird asserting that Brady should have stayed with the Patriots just because it would’ve been the right thing to do considering the trials and tribulations he encountered over the last two decades.

"“Brady could have stayed and completed the race, tougher though the final few miles may have been. It would have been a real-life Hollywood script, a near-perfect run from obscurity to the penthouse . . .”"

We’ve already been through this. Had Brady re-signed, the Patriots would have two (maybe three) more wins than they currently have. That would obviously have them in better position to qualify for the playoffs, but another first-round exit would be inevitable in the loaded AFC.

Furthermore, he honestly might’ve been ripped in half by Aaron Donald last Thursday.

Brady simply owed nothing more to the Patriots and their fans and fully deserved the opportunity (some would call it a luxury) of testing free agency for the first time in his career. Not once has the three-time MVP said anything negative about his tenure with the organization since leaving. Disliking winter weather at the age of 43 is not a slight.


And getting back to the weather, Brady — born and raised in California — left the west coast for Michigan as a teenager and then spent two decades in New England. That adds up to 24 years of having to battle crude elements late in the season.

The bottom line is that Brady owes nobody, especially Laird, an apology for enjoying playing in favorable weather conditions on a daily basis. It’s articles like these that give Boston-based fans such a bad reputation.

Brady is partly responsible for the Patriots establishing arguably the greatest dynasty in sports history. Let’s try to avoid attacking him and his GOAT legacy simply because he didn’t love trying to grip a football in freezing cold weather for three months of every season for 20-plus years.