Boston sports radio host strongly argues Jakobi Meyers isn’t good

Is Jakobi Meyers good? Despite a ton of evidence that he is, one Patriots radio host is arguing to pump the brakes.

Let’s be clear: No Patriots fan is arguing that breakout wide receiver Jakobi Meyers is a Hall of Famer after four straight excellent games.

Well…most Patriots fans aren’t arguing that fervently, at least.

Meyers has been a revelation for a depleted unit missing Julian Edelman and largely without N’Keal Harry (whether he’s on the field or not), though, and it’s safe at this point to remain cautiously optimistic about his continued production — at the very least, Meyers is a nice complement.

Well, WEEI’s Andy Hart wants to slow down the hype train just a bit — or, in his words, it’s time to “pump the f***in’ breaks” on the love for Meyers.

While most hosts who surround him are sold on the wideout as a top-40 performer in the league, Hart sees him as a fourth wide receiver who’ll bounce around the league in the years to come. Not so rosy!

The full segment is difficult to watch, especially for any Patriots fan who is rightfully feeling good right now, fresh off a monsoon win over the Ravens and on track for 5-5 this weekend heading into a battle with the 2-7 Texans.

The show’s hosts, the aforementioned Dale & Keefe, use their allotted time to argue that Meyers would be a No. 1 in a few NFL offenses (namely, the Jets), and would be no worse than a No. 3 option on any team in the league. Hart, on the other hand, said he’d be lucky to stick on most rosters, and backed his argument up by citing his inability to crack the Patriots’ poor corps of weapons prior to this point in time.

PFF and the analytics agree Meyers is effective, as does the eye test. But this fella’s just not buying it.

Of course, when the Deion Branch comparisons start emerging, it might just be time to stomp on those aforementioned brakes.

But during Meyers’ hot streak, what’s the point in putting out the fire here?

And has anyone asked Andy Hart what he thinks of Meyers as a quarterback yet?