Stay warm, look cool with this New England Patriots hooded face cover


Cover your face and keep it nice and toasty with a hooded, fleece-lined New England Patriots face cover by FOCO. Check it out now.

Sure, right now we’re coming up on Halloween. But before you know it we’ll be barreling towards the holidays – and much, much colder weather. That’s why New England Patriots fans need this winter face cover. 

This hooded gaiter will keep you covered with comfortable, breathable material whenever you put it on. Plus, you’ll be telling the entire world who you’re rooting for on Sundays (or Mondays, or Thursdays, or sometimes Saturday, or perhaps a Tuesday… well… you get the point).

You can check out the hooded gaiter – and more details – below.


Below you’ll find the specs for the hooded gaiter.

  • All-over design with team logo display, in case there were any doubts where your allegiances lie
  • Multifunctional, can be utilized as a face cover, neck scarf, neck gaiter, and snood
  • Versatile – Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and other cold-weather/winter activities
  • Multi-purpose balaclava with hooded structure
  • Interior fleece material to keep you warm
  • Soft and breathable to keep you comfortable
  • Durable, heavier construction
  • One size fits most, making this perfect for anyone
  • Adjustable to match design correctly on face
  • Reusable, so you can wear it again and again

You can pre-order yours from FOCO today for just $30. They are currently scheduled to start shipping no later than November 19. So you’ll have yours before winter.

Please Note: The Fashion Gaiter is not a medical device. It is not intended to be personal protective equipment (PPE) and should not be used by healthcare professionals, first responders, or used in a healthcare/clinical environment or setting. The Fashion Gaiter is not intended to prevent or protect from any form of illness or disease (or otherwise).

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