Patriots: Tom Brady doing Gronk Spike after first Bucs TD was just rude

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers (?!) QB Tom Brady threw it back to his Patriots days after his first TD, and we hated it, thanks.

New England Patriots fans had a joyous Sunday, by all normal measures.

Cam Newton looked fantastic, the offense looked effortless and well-schemed, and the superstar secondary made some elite snags against Ryan Fitzpatrick at the exact right moment, resulting in a Week 1 win.

But, of course, the national television broadcast of Tom Brady’s (exhales for 35 minutes) Buccaneers debut was just around the corner, so Pats fans couldn’t rest on their laurels for too long.

On the very first Bucs drive of the game, Brady punched it in himself (of course he did), then celebrated with his version of the Gronk Spike, which we truly did not need at all.

Just block the Bucs on Twitter, Pats Nation. Just block the Bucs on Twitter.

What did Pats Nation do to deserve this painful mashup? After the region threw adoration Brady’s way for two decades, his friction with the front office finally boiled over and forced him to find a new home. Fine. Sad, but fine.

He then chose to steal Rob Gronkowski — still under contract in New England! — to complete his offense. Gronk wouldn’t come out of retirement last year when the city needed him, but then bent to his boy Tommy. Frustrating to say the least.

But his first touchdown, making him the oldest TD scorer in NFL history, featured an extra glaring reminder of what New England was missing with the Gronk Spike? Miss us with that.

TB12 owns his own narrative like no other QB in the business. He knew what he was doing, and he likely knew it would frustrate his old supporters.

What he didn’t know is that we’re all so much happier with the mobility of Cam Newton these days. Did Brady watch the early game? Doubt it.

Keep spiking, old man.