Patriots: Watching Tom Brady’s first practice with Bucs absolutely sucked for NE fans

Tom Brady’s first practice with the Buccaneers was not fun for Patriots fans.

New England Patriots legend Tom Brady left the franchise in free agency over four months ago, and football fans have since been waiting for his first official practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with great anticipation. And no, we aren’t talking about the blurry clips that have surfaced on social media from private workouts with his new teammates.

The coronavirus pandemic prompted the NFL to delay offseason workouts, and teams just began reporting to training camp this week as a result. With that came the end of the long wait for footage of Brady in action with Tampa Bay.

Don’t look, Patriots fans. It won’t be easy seeing your man with a new team after 20 years.

Oh no!! This can’t be real. We know the Patriots have Cam Newton and life isn’t a complete disaster yet, but how could TB12 leave us like that? And he’s having fun? Sickening.

Now he’s got some shiny new toys in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin as well as a familiar face in Rob Gronkowski. Oh man, we almost forgot Gronk left us for Florida too. This stinks. How will we cope with watching highlights of these two playing for a different team?

We need Super Cam and Co. to make us forget about this, and fast. It sure isn’t going to help that the Pats already have the most opt outs in the NFL at this point with six players deciding to sit out the 2020 season.

Looks like it’s time to for Pats fans to set their social media filters to block any Brady (and Gronk) content in the coming weeks with training camp about to be in full swing. Fans can’t be distracted by stuff like his — there’s already plenty the team has to worry about.