Patriots: Julian Edelman deserved to be captain alongside Cam Newton

Patriots QB Cam Newton and Julian Edelman should’ve been named captains for 2020. No matter how outdated the idea is.

Patriots QB Cam Newton and WR Julian Edelman are two halves of a brotherhood this season.

One is a recent member of the fraternity who’s more than made the camp his own and gotten the players on his side, the other a remembrance of the success that’s lived here in the not-so-distant past, and likely will again.

And before this season has even begun, Newton and Edelman seem to share a common goal and an extremely strong friendship. After all, it’s Edelman’s job to breed a sense of familiarity. Newton has long relied upon veteran tight ends in moments of grief. He doesn’t exactly have that here.

That’s why it was so unexpected when Newton earned a well-deserved captain’s seal this offseason for piloting this offense, but Edelman did not.

Of course, the idea of the captaincy is a bit antiquated, and the guys in that locker room don’t need a gilded “C” to let them know whose ideas are worth listening to.

But, in terms of gestures, it might’ve gone a long way towards recognizing all Edelman has done for the franchise, and all that’s expected of him moving forward.

His longtime partner in crime Tom Brady was jettisoned this offseason, weeks after the two were spotted at a Syracuse basketball game together, as Edelman appeared to mouth the words, “He’s coming back!” to a way-too-close camera. This brief moment of respite followed another 1,000-yard season for Edelman, marred by constant pain from several lingering injuries, and paranoia regarding his future contention.

Julian Edelman is a de facto captain of the New England Patriots, no matter what his jersey says. It’s just a little bit strange that the franchise that has so recently lost Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and also participated somewhat in a series of leaks that smeared their names as they left the door, wouldn’t imbue this tiny indicator of respect to Edelman, as he considers his future, too.

Cam Newton is as deserving a captain as the Patriots have ever had, and his unique brand of offensive tenacity might be the one advantage this roster has in 2020, especially following a series of defensive opt outs. But it would’ve been nice if his co-pilot had gotten the same luxury.

Even if it’s meaningless. Especially if it’s meaningless.