Patriots Rumors: Tom Brady’s attitude a reason for his departure?

Tom Brady’s attitude reportedly played a role in his decision to leave the Patriots.

New England Patriots fans are trying to put the departure of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski behind them, but constant updates and chatter regarding the astounding offseason occurrences continue to make their way into the mainstream.

Call them fake news or whatever you’d like, but they keep coming, and we’ve got another one that popped up this weekend. Remember all the reported “friction” between Brady and Bill Belichick that intermittently made headlines only to get crushed by a Super Bowl win? Well, it feels like there was some truth to that, regardless of how the Pats performed.

Apparently, according to the latest rumors, Brady’s deteriorating attitude in the locker room had some Patriots players and others within the organization OK with his departure.

Here’s what Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard wrote this weekend:

“And I will admit to you that from what I’ve heard since Tom Brady departed, the Patriots did need a vibe change in the locker room because a dour Brady, which start to crop up at the end of 2018, took its toll on the Patriots last season. It was so bad that some of his teammates have admittedly privately that it was better for all involved that Brady moved on if he was going to have the same attitude this season.”

Bedard also confirmed the Patriots’ reported “frustration” with how Jarrett Stidham suffered his injury a few weeks ago.

Whether you think Brady’s alleged frustration was right or not, if it was as influential as this report claims it was, then there’s no doubt it had an affect on the team’s performance, which can help explain the offensive regression last season.

What’s even more frustrating? He seems to be living it up in Tampa Bay now.

We hate this.

Perhaps even more maddening is the fact that Patriots have a boat load of cap space right now and are expected to be atop the league in that category come this offseason, so it’s clear there would’ve been opportunity to put more talent around the six-time champion.

Instead, he’s gone, and we have these stupid rumors to sift through every few weeks. When will it stop?

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