Patriots Rumors: Terrelle Pryor says he’s talked to Pats about comeback

Terrelle Pryor #16 of the New York Jets (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Terrelle Pryor #16 of the New York Jets (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Terrelle Pryor stoked the Patriots rumors, claiming he’s spoken to the team.

Terrelle Pryor is no longer a quarterback. He’s also no longer an NFL player. Naturally, neither of these things stopped the Patriots rumors from igniting after the Cam Newton signing, thanks to Pryor himself.

The 31-year-old Pryor spilled the beans to TMZ this weekend that he’s attempting a comeback, and prefers to do so with the Patriots or Steelers.

According to the previously-speedy wideout, he’s even spoken to the Patriots in recent weeks.

The Patriots rumors have commenced about Terrelle Pryor.

Clearly, the addition of Cam Newton changed the inflection point for Pryor, who’s always seemed like a “comeback” fit in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

“Those two are very intriguing,” Pryor told TMZ of New England and Pittsburgh. “Especially Cam. I’ve been a big fan of him throughout the years … And, obviously, Big Ben, that’s my hometown of Pittsburgh, so that’s just two teams that I really want to play for.”

Pryor emerged as a weapon (no, seriously) with the Cleveland Browns in 2016, piling up 1,007 receiving yards and four TDs. Unfortunately, his football future remained murky in the years that followed, after it seemed he’d finally adjusted to the position change. Washington signed him to a one-year, $6 million deal before the 2017 season, where injuries limited him to two starts and 37 targets all year.

Of course, it’s definitely worth it to note that Pryor’s career was nearly permanently derailed last fall when he ended up in critical condition after a stabbing incident. An attempted homicide charge was later dismissed.

Pryor’s been to hell and back, and he still believes in himself.

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“I can still play,” Pryor told TMZ. “And, I can still make plays and dominate. I know that.”

What better place to do that than New England, in a system designed to make everyone look good? Patriots rumors are a good way to drive up interest in your services, but sometimes they work themselves out, too.

And, of course, New England has a nice, new pocket of money.