New England Patriots: 5 Questions with Arrowhead Addict

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With a big showdown coming for the New England Patriots, we recently sat down with Matt Conner of Arrowhead Addict to learn a bit more about the Chiefs.

The New England Patriots will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football in Week 6. We recently sat down with Matt Conner of Arrowhead Addict and asked him a few questions about the Chiefs.

MF: Aside from their normal stars on offense, who is a player that the Patriots should keep an eye on?

AA: What’s interesting about this Chiefs offense is that even their star players aren’t all receiving their due this year, because there are simply so many weapons. So when you ask a player to keep an eye on, there’s just really too many even in terms of main players for any smaller offensive part to stick out. Kareem Hunt has been the star the last two weeks but was almost absent from the box score to start the season. That’s because Tyreek Hill decided to put up a couple hundred yards.

Travis Kelce will regularly go for 100 yards receiving, but then Sammy Watkins has done the same and can do so on any given day. Together, the foursome dominate every target that’s it’s honestly hard for anyone else to stick out.

MF: Patrick Mahomes has had some great games so far, but is this his chance to prove that he has indeed arrived?

AA: I think he’s already proved he’s arrived. If anyone made a list of young quarterbacks to build a team around and somehow did not put Mahomes first or second, that person hasn’t watched any football this year. In six career games, he’s won four of them on the road—two in Denver, one against the Chargers and one in Pittsburgh. He still hasn’t played a single basement-dwelling team and even topped the Jags last week. A win in New England would certainly cement his “young legend” status but I think he’s playing with house money at this point.

MF: The defense for the Chiefs has struggled so far. Are they more vulnerable against the run or the pass?

AA: Run and part of the passing game. The corners have been fine but nothing more. But the safeties are abysmal and they weren’t even that great before injuries took out the top four on the depth chart (Eric Berry, Dan Sorensen, Armani Watts, Eric Murray). The linebacking corps also can’t tackle anyone inside. The backs will have a field day not only running the ball but catching it as well and Rob Gronkowski could set NFL records for receiving yards by a tight end.

MF: Will Kelce look to outplay Gronk to prove he’s the man now?

AA: Speaking of Gronk, if Kelce out-performs him this Sunday given K.C.’s defensive woes, I would be shocked. I still believe Gronk is in a category all his own but that’s no shade on Kelce. Both players are all All-Pro level talents who deserve all the accolades they receive.

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MF: Game Prediction?

AA: Patriots 30, Chiefs 20. The Chiefs have enjoyed a magical first third of the year, but their current injury report is overwhelming. Against the road against such a great team after playing so many tough contests in a row, I just don’t see it.