New England Patriots: Ranking Remaining Playoff Teams

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New England Patriots
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1.) New England Patriots

After having the AFC Wild Card Round off, the Patriots got back to business against the Houston Texans. With all due respect to the Texans, they were overmatched against the Patriots. Even though the Patriots didn’t play a clean game, they were still able to win rather easily.

Despite having one of the best regular seasons for a quarterback of all-time, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did look human against the Texans. Houston was able to generate some pressure on Brady, and that may have ruined his rhythm at times.

In the win, Brady threw two interceptions, which matched his total for the entire season. Brady will certainly have to be better against the Steelers, but he also won’t be facing a defense nearly as good as the Texans’ was.

While the Patriots’ offense didn’t play up to their potential, their defense looked really good in the win. If not for the turnovers by the Texans, the Patriots’ defense might have held the Texans to three points in the game. They were benefited by a big drop by Will Fuller in the end zone, but it was a really solid game.

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Even though they didn’t play great against the Texans, the Patriots are still the team to beat this season.