Patriots Rumors: Josh McDaniels Has Always Preferred 49ers


Recent New England Patriots rumors have been about whether or not offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will be taking a head coaching job this offseason.

In recent days, there have been some Patriots rumors about offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. With head coaching vacancies disappearing quickly, the only team that has a vacancy still is the San Francisco 49ers.

The past few seasons, the once great 49ers have turned into an absolute mess. However, that mess has created a blank canvas for whoever takes the job to become their next head coach. Despite there not being a lot of assets on the team, Albert Breer of MMQB says the job is the favorite situation for McDaniels.

Here’s what Breer had to say about McDaniels and the 49ers job:

"Josh McDaniels has had the inside track, and my understanding is that he preferred the Niners’ situation to the other two he interviewed for, because this is a from-the-ground-up situation. No bad contracts, pick your own QB, high draft picks… it’s basically like an expansion team. And there’ll be a new GM coming with you, too. If McDaniels gets the job, it could be Lou Riddick filling that role."

If McDaniels does go to San Francisco, he would have a few luxuries. He would be able to pick who he wants to be his quarterback with no quarterback on the team being deserving of the spot. While some might find rebuilding a team unappealing, it does offer you the ability to build the team in your vision.

While McDaniels is certainly qualified for the job, so is Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. With both coaches still being in the playoffs, it will be interesting to see how the 49ers’ coaching situation plays out.

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As a highly sought after coach this offseason, McDaniels doesn’t need to rush into a job that he doesn’t find ideal. If he turns out not to like the 49ers’ opening this offseason, he can wait for more next season.