Patriots sign Steven Jackson: 5 Ripple effects

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Ripple Effect #3 – James White will barely ever take a handoff

The signing of Jackson sheds light on the fact that the Patriots don’t really plan to run the ball with White very much. That much has been clear this season, as the sophomore pro has seen just 17 carries in the nine games he’s played in. Meanwhile, he’s caught 33 passes for 319 yards and three touchdowns. The Patriots value White almost entirely as a receiver instead of a ball carrier.

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Regardless of who is healthy, the Patriots enjoy having a pass catching back and a downhill runner. When one gets injured, they have a guy with a similar skill set ready to fill the void. Such was the case when Dion Lewis went down and then comparable player White stepped up. Such is the case now that Blount has been placed on injured reserve and Iosefa and Jackson are taking that role.

You get the idea. Especially now that Jackson is in the mix, White pretty much has a monopoly on all the routes out of the backfield, and it will be rarity when he gets his number called for a running play.

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