NFL power rankings Week 3: comparing with Elliot Harrison

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

50. <p><strong>Harrison: 24</strong></p> <p>Apparently, Harrison doesn’t drive a Ford. He’s much harder on the Lions than I am this week.</p> <p>What really plagued the Lions in Week 2 was their total of zilch on the ground. Ameer Abdullah’s play was a far cry from his preseason and Week 1 performances, as he picked up a terrible six yards on nine carries. Matthew Stafford led all running backs with 20 yards rushing of his own; that’s not how this Lions team is designed to win games.</p> <p>What the Lions lacked on the ground they partially made-up for through the air. They got Calvin Johnson involved, as the veteran compiled 83 yards and a touchdown on ten catches (which helped Yours Truly out in his PPR league).</p>. NFC North. 0-2. Detroit Lions. 18. player

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