New England Patriots React To Win Over Buffalo Bills

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Sep 20, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) runs the ball after a catch during the second half against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Patriots defeat the Bills 40 to 32. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

David Andrews

Q: Were you aware at all leading into the game that it was sort of a discussion that was being had, how the young guys up front would be matched up?

A: No, I mean I just know how to go out and do my job, everyone else will do theirs, and everything will work out.

Q: What was the key, David? You guys gave Tom (Brady) a lot of time to throw…

A: Just doing our job, you know. Communication and just blocking people.

Q: How would you describe the environment, especially early?

A: It was a great environment. My first real NFL road game, it’s always good to get a win on the road, so it was a great environment.

Q: How do you compare it to even a lot of SEC barns?

A: It’s a different level of competition. Hostile environments are hostile environments, but a lot different competition.

Q: Tom (Brady) had said in his news conference he wasn’t sure if he’s ever thrown it as much as he did in this game. I’m curious if you’ve ever snapped it as much as you did in the shotgun like you did to him.

A: Probably not. I was looking up there and saw that it was 50 times and I was like, “Whoa,” so it was a lot but it got the job done.

Julian Edelman

Q: There’s 2:20 to go and Tom Brady throws that pass to (Danny) Amendola and he moved you over and you picked up a blitz, what do you recall from that play?

A: He moved me over and I picked up a blitz. He puts us in the right situation. That’s why he’s good.

Q: Your touchdown, did you kind of slow play that a little bit? You come out and act like you’re not going out and then you do?

A: No, it was one of those play action plays and fortunately we were able to execute it and get a touchdown.

Q: What was it like to get your first touchdown of the season out of the way?

A: It’s good. It’s always good to go out and score, but more importantly it’s good to go out and get the division win against a tough opponent that was coming off of a big win.

Q: How do you overcome something like the amount of penalties today?

A: I don’t know how many we had, but I know there were a lot of flags thrown. You’ve got to go out there and play smarter and play within your fundamentals and put yourself in the right situation and hopefully not do it. If there’s an offsides or something like that, we’ve got to get better at those type of things that kill drives. We have to get better at that.

Q: Is this a statement win, telling people this is still your division?

A: No. It’s early in the season, it is one win. It’s over now so we have to go out and be ready for this next week. It’ll be our first week coming back, getting into the routine of not having 10 days, not having a long time to prepare. We have to take this opportunity to start getting back into that.

Q: What did you see from those three rookie interior lineman? This is one of the best defensive lines in the NFL and they kept Brady up alright back there.

A: They come in and they work their tails off. They’re doing their job. Ask coach on what they’re doing with their technique, because I don’t know that. I know that Brady’s getting the ball off and they’re doing their job. That’s a lot of room for improvement for everyone and I’m sure we’re all going to be told that this week. So we’re all going to go out there and take that coaching and compound it for next week.

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