New England Patriots: 6 bold predictions for 2015

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

6. Jamie Collins will be a finalist for DPOY

About a week ago, I provided three reasons why you should be all-in on Collins. The freak athleticism, the extraordinary sophomore season and the budding leadership ability are all things Collins brings to the table in 2015.

Keep in mind that Collins was rated the 40th best player in the NFL by Pro Football Focus this offseason. They also placed him on their All-PFF Second-Team, meaning that he was one of the top four inside linebackers in 2014.

The main thing that separates Collins is his disruption as a pass rusher up the middle. Last year, he led all inside linebackers with 26 pressures, and we have seen more of the same out of Collins this preseason. A few nights ago, he sneakily delayed his initial rush, then swung down the middle of the pocket before ramming Cam Newton into the turf.

Of course, the field for Defensive Player of the Year is owned by J.J. Watt. The honor is his to lose, but Collins won’t be too far behind him. Perhaps no other defensive player in the league offers so much potential.

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