Deflategate: 4 good things about Tom Brady’s suspension

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

1. Tom Brady will be mad

If those conspiracy theories about the NFL trying to reel back the Patriots’ dominance are true, then they certainly went about it wrong. Don’t they know that an angry Brady is the best Brady?

Say what you want about him, but you can’t knock Brady’s passion for winning. He pours his heart and soul into every play, and berates teammates who aren’t on the same level as him. He jaws with 325-pound defensive lineman and gets into tiffs with Hall of Fame linebackers (i.e. Ray Lewis).

When he’s ticked off, Brady is not someone you want to play against. Especially if you’re the Colts, and you haven’t been able to slow Brady down yet during the Andrew Luck era.

Now, Brady won’t come out yelling and screaming all over the place. He will play with controlled, channeled anger and then let it all out when he hits Gronk for that first touchdown against the Colts.

Some people say the Patriots will go 1-3 in these first four games, some people say they will go 2-2. Call me overconfident, but I see a quietly livid Brady leading a 3-1 squad into battle when the Patriots run out onto Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday Night Football.

Try to think of this as just another challenge for the Patriots to overcome. Champions overcome challenges, and the Patriots are champions, after all. Don’t forget that.

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