New England Patriots final depth chart prediction, pre-training camp

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Tomorrow, the 2015 New England Patriots begin their quest toward an exalted land. Should they repeat as Super Bowl champs this upcoming season, the Bill Belichick-era Patriots will go down as the best team in NFL history, and their quarterback will be immortalized as the best-ever, without question.

However, it will be a tough road to get there. In the months of July and August, though, you can’t think about other teams. You must close ranks and focus on the task at hand: building a championship roster, as the 2015 Patriots are much different already than the 2014 version. The foundation is there, but the siding needs some work and the chimney needs to be cleaned.

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In this article, I’m going to put forth my first predictions as to how the Patriots’ final 53-man roster will look. A few things you should know before reading on:

1.  Tom Brady and LeGarrette Blount are both under suspension right now and will miss Week 1, so think of this as a 55-man roster, as those two players would obviously make the team and be suiting up in Week 1 otherwise.

2. The players that I think will make the practice squad after being cut are italicized. Note that each team is allowed to have ten players on their practice squad.

3. This is a pre-training camp prediction, so it’s essentially the culmination of a bunch of talk, talk and more talk that has taken place since the confetti fell in Arizona. With that in mind, take these projections with a grain of salt, as the advent of real, actual, tangible football will almost certainly prove some of these predictions wrong.

OK, here goes.

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