Miami Dolphins chat with PhinPhanatic editor Brian Miller

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Editor’s note: This week, I’ve been chatting with the editors of FanSided’s AFC East sites to help pass the time until training camp. In case you missed it, here is my conversation with Luis Tirado Jr. of TheJetPress. Today, I’m talking with PhinPhanatic editor Brian Miller about the Miami Dolphins. Check back tomorrow morning to hear what BuffaLowDown editor Dennis Amo has to say about the Buffalo Bills.

Connor Fulton: Where does the Dolphins’ front seven, now that Ndamukong Suh is in the fold, rank among the NFL’s best units?

Brian Miller: On paper the Dolphins should be a top five defensive unit. Last year they started as a top five but fell quickly later in the season against run support. Suh, C.J. Mosley, Earl Mitchell, and 2nd round pick Jordan Phillips should be able to stop the run while Suh will free up one of the edge rushers who will no longer be double teamed.

CF: The Dolphins might not be done adding notable new players, as they are rumored to be involved in the Evan Mathis sweepstakes. Do you want the Dolphins to pursue him?

BM: I would definitely sign Evan Mathis. The Dolphins have big questions on the offensive line and those questions surround the guard positions. Plugging Mathis into the left guard spot fills one hole and leaves the right guard position open to camp battle. Mathis may be over 30 but his play hasn’t diminished and the Dolphins would be smart to get him under contract now ahead of training camp. The question is will they bother to try?

CF: Who will have the best season: rookie DeVante Parker, sophomore pro Jarvis Landry or former Saint Kenny Stills?

BM: Parker will miss most if not all of training camp so he will be behind the curve and Stills will likely see a lot of looks because of it. That being said, Landry is the go-to guy for Ryan Tannehill and I fully expect him to blow up this season. He reminds me of Anquan Boldin both on the field and in his preparation for games. This kid is really good and there is no reason to believe his 2nd season won’t be better than the first.

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