New York Jets Q&A with JetPress editor Luis Tirado Jr., July Edition

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Editors note: I recently had the pleasure of chatting with JetPress editor Luis Tirado Jr. about the New York Jets. Below are the questions I asked him about the Jets heading into training camp, and over on JetPress, you can see my responses to his questions about the Patriots. 

Connor Fulton: It was an offseason of change for the Patriots, highlighted by the departure of Darrelle Revis. How high did you jump when you heard about Revis returning to the Jets?

Luis Tirado Jr.: I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the Jets were able to bring him back into the mix. I figured it was a longshot but to see the Jets be aggressive for a change during free agency and get one of the top defensive players to bolster a major weakness on the team was huge. I definitely jumped really high when I saw it was 100% confirmed he was coming back.

CF: Brandon Marshall will line up against Revis throughout the dog days of summer. Will he be able to improve the Jets’ aerial attack?

LT: Marshall will hopefully have a major impact on the Jets’ offense due to a number of factors. It’s been quite a while since the Jets had a legitimate No. 1 receiver on the team with a resume as impressive as his when healthy. He will also allow Eric Decker to go back to his natural position as a No. 2 receiver which he thrives in. Finally, he’ll be able to elevate those around him to achieve more, especially quarterback Geno Smith if he ends up earning the starting spot at the end of it all this summer. It was a very smart acquisition by the Jets.

CF: Revis wasn’t the only Super Bowl XLIX champion to sign with the Jets this offseason. What do you think Stevan Ridley’s role will be in New York?

LT: The running back situation for the Jets continues to be a good one thanks to all the new additions. Chris Ivory is figured to be the starter with all the other spots up for grabs. Considering that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey is going to be installing a new spread offense, guys like Stevan Ridley will be working hard to land a backup or a utility role in the backfield. Ridley is explosive and could be a nice surprise during training camp if he returns to his old form. In 2012, Ridley rushed for 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns which would be a nice dimension to have on offense from the running game.

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