3 Reasons Why The Patriots Will Have The Top Red-Zone Offense


The Patriots made a few big moves this off-season that will help out their Offense immensely. Here are 3 reasons why I believe the Patriots will be the #1 scoring red-zone offense this season.

1) The Tight End Duo

The Patriots haven’t had a tight end tandem like this since 2010. This is the first off-season that Gronk hasn’t been rehabbing an injury in years. Not only is having a healthy Gronk a huge plus, the Patriots went out and got Scott Chandler, who will be able to replace he-who-shall-not-be-named as the move tight end. I don’t expect the same immediate success that the prior duo had, but I do think that they will have at least 7 touchdowns a piece this year, Gronk will probably have somewhere around 12. People were upset about the loss of Tim Wright, but Wright caught touchdowns in the red-zone exclusively, and doesn’t have the same body size that Chandler has. Plus, many of Wright’s touchdowns came in the same game. If Chandler and Gronk can stay healthy, they will be a force to be reckoned with, and people will forget who Tim Wright is.

2) The new line-up at Running Back

After all these years, the Patriots finally know who is their bell-cow going into this season. It’s Blount. He is head and shoulders better than every back on the roster at running the football. Cadet will be able to replace Vereen pretty easily, I think. So, the Patriots have their receiving back as well. I expect Jonas Grey to be cut because James white isn’t going anywhere, and it appears that Tyler Gaffney is making heads turn. So, having a clear hierarchy is something that Patriots’ fans will be happy to see again. We haven’t really had that since Law Firm, and he isn’t on the same level as Blount.

3) Pissed Off Tom Brady

Regardless of what happens as a result of Deflate-gate, Tom Brady will be on a mean streak this year. I expect him to play the whole year fired up to prove to people that he’s no cheater. Remember, the Patriots got in trouble for Spy-Gate in 2007 off season and the 2007/08 year the Patriots were smashing everyone. I don’t expect that same level of dominance, but I do expect to see several games where the patriots put up 30+ points several weeks in a row. Brady will play lights out. Basically, if I play fantasy football this year, I would still pick Brady high solely because I know that when he hits the field, all hell will break loose. He’s going to scare people this year, in a good way.