The Patriot Way: New England Patriots News, 5/17


It’s Sunday morning. Relax. Sit back and check out these nuggets of New England Patriots news from around the web.

On Saturday, Rob Ninkovich became the latest Patriots’ player to step-up and defend his quarterback. Appearing on 98.5 the Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich”, Ninkovich had some good stuff to say, including something that every Patriots fan has said at some point during the Deflategate saga: “When you’re really good for a really long time, people want to come after you.” Well said, Nink.

Echoing NInkovich on Saturday was the Washington Post’s Kent Babb, who asserted that the public’s hate of the Patriots is directly linked to the franchise’s dominance in the 21st century. It’s a long piece, but give it a look if you plan on having a second helping of pancakes this morning.

More from Patriots News

Alright, time for a breather from Deflategate. Bleacher Report’s Erik Frenz, who always has something interesting to say, assesses the roster chances of each undrafted free agent the Patriots have picked up this month. That Jimmy Jean sure is an interesting prospect. If you’re on the rookie grind and want to find out the roster chances of the Patriots’ draft picks, stay here on Musket Fire.

Over at Patriots Pulpit, Rich hill informs us that the Patriots were statistically the best tacklers among NFL defenses, as well as the best tackle-breakers on the other side of the ball. That’s a winning formula if there ever was one.

On Musket Fire, check out what Cyrus Geller had to say about Roger Goodell insisting on presiding over Tom Brady’s appeal; war is certainly on. And be sure to see why the Patriots will not sign Michael Vick, even if Brady’s appeal fails.

In case you missed it, here is yesterday’s edition of The Patriot Way.