The Patriot Way: New England Patriots News, 5/15


Here’s your daily dose of New England Patriots news from around the web.

Bob Hohler and the Boston Globe staff explain the Patriots’ side of Deflategate. Worth a look.

Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald wonders if Deflategate marks the beginning of the end for the Pats in the Tom Brady era, much like when everyone was freaking out in the wake of the infamous Pats-Chiefs Week 4 Monday nighter.

For the second day in a row, a former or current NFL player pulled the “… Yeah! They cheated against my team and that’s why we lost!” card (A.J. Feeley was the first). In case you haven’t heard, Karlos Dansby thinks the Patriots messed with his headset in a 2008 Pats-Cardinals game—a game that was played in frigid, snow and windy conditions. The polar opposite of the Arizona desert, quite literally.

More from Patriots News

The NFL Spring Meeting is fast approaching. On May 18th, all the NFL’s owners will convene in San Francisco, and the Patriots will propose that the line of scrimmage on extra points should be moved back to the 15-yard line. A 33-yard extra point such a rule would make, and you can bet that it would result in some funky scores.

Over at 247Sports, Oliver Thomas takes stock of the Patriots’ depth chart at cornerback. The competition among those 11 players will be the story of training camp.

A chuckle here: apparently, you can’t customize a Patriots jersey on NFL Shop with the name “Deflator” on the back. But you can get one that says “Every Quarterback Doctors His Footballs How He Wants Them”.

Here at Musket Fire, J.T. McGrath references perhaps the most interesting part of the Pats’ rebuttal: Jaguars personnel claimed to have seen Colts’ ball boys hiding ball needles under their sleeves in a past season, and David Smith declares war on the commissioner.

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