The Patriot Way: New England Patriots News, 5/14


Start your Thursday morning by checking out some noteworthy New England Patriots news from across the football landscape.

In what some want to paint as proof that the Patriots have cheated their way to greatness, former NFL backup quarterback A.J. Feeley told 97.5 The Fanatic about witnessing Tom Brady use a deflated ball in 2004. Really, it’s just proof that quarterbacks have been doctoring footballs how they like them for years. Maybe if Feeley had ever been a starter, he would have too.

Over at Pats Pulpit, Rich Hill tells us that Robert Kraft is just as furious as we would expect him to be right now, and that the owner may even go after the NFL in court. It’s safe to say that Roger Goodell has lost the support of his most vocal supporter among the community of NFL owners.

More from Patriots News

Rex Ryan didn’t leave the media much more than scraps on Wednesday afternoon, taking the high road on Deflategate questions. Gang Green-clad Rex might not have been able to hold his tongue like that.’s Charlotte Wilder penned a great piece about how the Patriots are responding to Deflategate just like any Bostonian would. This is a refreshing article, criticizing the tired sports narrative of the golden athlete falling out of grace that has taken over Patriots news in the past week.

It appears that the Carolina Panthers were trying to sign Kyle Arrington before the veteran inked a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. Arrington is one of the league’s best slot corners, so it’s not surprising he drew interest on the open market. It is surprising how easily the Pats let him go.

For an instant, unfiltered reaction piece on Arrington’s move to Baltimore, give this a look.

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