Tom Brady Suspension: Roger Goodell Has Reached New Heights Of Idiocy


Four games.

More than Ray Rice received for brutally assaulting his fiancee. The same amount that is given for using steroids, and the same amount that Big Ben received after his sexual harassment charges in 2010.

$1 million.

More than the Broncos had to pay for repeatedly cheating the salary cap. More than the Saints got for intentionally trying to hurt players, and more than the Patriots got for taping a Jets practice.

Screw you, Roger Goodell.

This is unbelievable. As so many of my Twitter followers said yesterday, you actually managed to make me think about boycotting a league that I have loved dearly my entire life. There are so many things wrong with this punishment, I don’t know where to begin.

However I’ll give it my best shot.


How many times do we have to go through this?!? I have read through the Wells report, and there is not a single piece of evidence that proves Tom Brady ordered Patriots staff to take a needle to a football. Does this mean Brady is innocent? I have no idea. But what I do know is there is not nearly enough evidence to suspend Brady one game, let alone four.


In 2014 the Vikings and Panthers were caught using heaters on the sideline to warm up footballs, and in 2012, the Chargers were caught using an adhesive substance on their game towels to alter the footballs. They were let off with a warning, and a $20,000 fine, respectively. As Frank Schwab so eloquently states, where the hell does Goodell get off suspending Brady, docking the Pats of draft picks, and fining them $1 million? Admit you have an agenda, NFL. Admit this is a witch hunt against Brady and the Pats.


Even if the NFL had pages of hard evidence, and videos of Tom Brady admitting he deflated the footballs (like they have of Aaron Rodgers), this crime would not warrant a suspension. We are talking about ball pressure for God’s sake. Half a PSI below the limit in a game where the Pats would have won if they were using golf balls. This is not a serious crime, as evidenced by the lack of punishment the NFL inflicted upon the Panthers, Vikings, and Packers. No one is taking steroids, no one is putting a bounty on opposing players, and NO ONE is beating up on their fiancee.

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The Wells report has been picked apart by A LOT of people over the last couple of days, and if it proves anything, it proves the NFL is guilty in this case. Not only did the refs forget which gauges they used, but they also lost the footballs after being told to pay special attention to them in this game. And that brings up another problem, one that Don Yee has been talking about since this story broke. Did the NFL run a sting? Did they purposely let deflated balls into the AFC Championship game to catch the Patriots? We may never know, but I think there is more evidence supporting that than Tom Brady purposely deflating the footballs.


Troy Vincent, who is almost as dumb as Roger Goodell, made it clear that one of the main reasons Brady was suspended was because he refused to give up his cell phone to investigators. Now, before I get into how stupid that is, let me remind you that Brady fully cooperated with the investigators for a full day, AND let them probe his cell phone. If you can’t come to a conclusion after that, I’m sorry, you just are a bad investigator. And even though Vincent said Brady was guaranteed “extraordinary safeguards by the investigators to protect unrelated personal information,” I don’t blame Brady one bit for refusing. Aren’t these the same investigators that disclosed texts between one of the Patriots’ staffers and his mom?

Yeah, nice guarantee.

The other issue here is suspending a model citizen four games for wanting to keep his phone private. That is beyond ridiculous, and when Brady sues, actual lawyers, unlike Ted Wells, are going to have a field day with that.


So with all of that said, at the end of the day, the NFL did suspend Tom Brady for four games. As dumb as it was, and as stupid as Roger Goodell now looks, that is the reality. Where we go from here is the interesting part.

Brady will undoubtedly appeal and sue, and it will be fun to see how an independent arbitrator exposes the NFL for the frauds that they are. The NFL’s failures outside of their own rulings are well documented, and that is why I am confident in how this process will play out. When this case goes to a court filled with people that actually have brains, I think they will see that there is no justifiable way the NFL can suspend Tom Brady four games.

You came at the king and missed, Goodell. Robert Kraft and Tom Brady are about to start a war that you can’t win.

Buckle up.

(As a sidenote, I hope you all realize this guarantees the Patriots will win the Super Bowl next year. Even if the four game suspension is held up, the Pats go 2-2 at the worst, and then get the best quarterback of all time, more pissed off than he has ever been. Nothing will stop Brady next year. He is going to make 2007 seem a struggle on his way to smashing every record in the book, and cruising to a fifth Super Bowl championship.)