The Patriot Way: New England Patriots News, 5/10


These days, you can’t talk about New England Patriots news without at least mentioning Deflategate. To satisfy the demands of both mainstream media consumers and those tired of Deflategate, today’s edition of The Patriot Way has been split into two parts.

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Deflategate-related links:

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula pointed a finger at the Patriots on Saturday. This is the same guy that coined “Beli-cheat” back in January. It’s not surprising that Shula wants Belichick’s legacy tarnished, as B.B. has put together a coaching career that rivals Shula’s.

Bernie Lincicome of the Chicago Tribune wrote a great piece on how the Patriots are being unfairly blamed for cheating. He says it how it is; cheating is rampant in every part of life, and that’s why there are rules. No need to defame a man and an organization that has simply been the best in the NFL since the beginning of the 21st century.

Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman echoes Lincicome, saying that the Patriots are not alone as cheaters in the NFL, but simply have a reputation—deserved or not—throughout the league as rule-benders. He even says the Patriots aren’t the best cheaters in the NFL, but simply give off that impression because they are so dominant.

If you are in the mood for sarcasm, check out check out this Deflategate rant by Yours Truly.

Non-Deflategate links: 

Give this video from WEEI a look. If it wasn’t for all this Deflategate chaos, the Patriots’ fruitful draft class would be getting the attention it deserves.

Musket Fire’s J.T. McGrath was at the 2015 NFL Draft. Be sure to read about his experience, which included run-ins with a bunch of notable people, including Todd Gurley and the McCourty twins.

Also here on Musket Fire, Cyrus Geller details the Patriots’ rookie signings. Nine down, two to go.

In case you missed it, here is yesterday’s edition of The Patriot Way.