NFL Draft 2015: Full Transcripts Of New England Patriots Draft Picks

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Feb 20, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas defensive lineman Malcom Brown speaks to the media at the 2015 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After being selected by the New England Patriots in the 2015 NFL draft, each player spoke with the media about becoming a Patriot.

Here are each of their transcripts: (Links to transcripts on their names, courtesy of the official Patriots website)

Malcom Brown

Q: Congratulations, what was your reaction to getting picked by the Patriots?

MB: Thank you. It was very anxious, a very long day and a very long process. I was just ready to get off the board and I just couldn’t wait. All the animosity was building up and it was just all coming down to that last pick, the last pick of the first round. So, I was just ready.

Q: Were you starting to get worried that you weren’t going to get picked in the first round?

MB: I mean there’s always that doubt, you know. When you get down to the last pick and you’re like ‘Aw, man, this team hasn’t really talked to me, this team hasn’t done this and that,’ and it’s just like ‘Aw, man, what does it come down to now?’

Q: What was your contact with the Patriots leading into the draft? Did you think they would pick you?

MB: I mean, it was the same as many teams. I didn’t really get a lot of contact with many teams. That’s the hardest part about this whole process – you never can get a real feel for who likes you or who is thinking about drafting you. That’s the hardest part.

Q: What does it mean to be selected by the defending Super Bowl champions?

MB: It means a lot. You go to a winning team, contributing to something that’s already great and trying to add whatever I can to the program. It’s a great feeling.

Q: Was your maturity and your family situation something that you used as a selling point when you talked to teams?

MB: I mean, not really. I’m real big on family – I love my family. I made a decision to get married and I really wanted that. It’s just somebody to take care of and I’ve done that and I had a child. I’m going to take care of my responsibilities. Every responsibility that I have I’m going to take care of.

Q: What’s the celebration like right now with you and your wife and your two daughters?

MB: Everybody is happy. We know where we were going to be at, so now we can start figuring out a plan to settle in.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player?

MB: I’m just relentless. I want to be the best there can be and be the best that I can be, so I’m just going to do that when I get there.

Q: Can you talk about the type of player that you consider yourself to be?

MB: You know – a great player. I’m giving my all and you’ll get my all out of me. I’m just going to leave it all on the field.

Q: Comparisons to Vince Wilfork seem inevitable. How much have you watched Wilfork’s game over the last few years?

MB: Not much, but I’m just coming in to contribute a lot to the program. Whatever I can give, whatever the coaches ask of me I’m going to do.

Q: Did the Patriots work you out privately? Did you have any interviews with them – any specific type of individual contact with the Patriots outside of an interview at the combine?

MB: Like I said, any contact I had with the team is like I had with any other team. They talked to me; I talked to them at the combine. Whatever they asked of me I’ve done that. So I just worked at my best.

Q: The Patriots love versatile defensive linemen. Do you consider yourself a versatile lineman? If so, how have you gotten to that point?

MB: I just really focus on being the best that I can be and whatever that calls for I do. The sky is the limit when it comes to me playing. I really don’t want to put a limit on [it]. Whatever I can do and however I can do it; whatever calls for the job I get it done.

Q: Did you ever meet Dominique Easley in high school or recruiting or through any of the processes you’ve been through?

MB: No, I didn’t get to meet him. I bet he’s a great player.

Q: Was there a range that you expected to go in leading up to the draft?

MB: I mean there was always a range. Some people said high. That’s the hardest part about the process also. Some people say high, some people say mid, some people say low. You just have to come to this day and be ready for anything. You’ve got to be ready to drop down to the second round, you’ve got to be ready to jump out of the second round to the third round. You’ve got to come in praying for the best, but expecting the worst.

Q: What was that range? What was the highest you’ve heard?

MB: Seven. They were looking for a three-technique or somebody that could get up the field, but it was seven.

Q: Were you able to have a job while you were at Texas?

MB: Not really. I caught a couple jobs. Whenever they were having camps and stuff, they would let us work the camps. That was about it. Other than that I was always working out and just grinding in the weight room or something.

Q: Have you ever been to Boston?

MB: I have not.

Q: Are you excited?

MB: I am. I am very excited to get in and just get with the program and just get started.

Q: What do you know about Boston?

MB: Celtics. That’s about it.

Q: What do you think is your biggest adjustment to becoming a good pro in the NFL?

MB: Just come in and just work. Don’t come in and just think that I’ve got a place for me. Just come in and just pack my lunch every day and go at it.

Q: What does it feel like to play for a winning organization, with legends like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?

MB: It feels great, just to come in and, like I said, contribute to the program, add in what I can and just go for another one next year.

Q: Do you know your schedule yet for when you come to New England?

MB: I do not yet. I’m still waiting on that. We’re still communicating between each other and we’re trying to get that planned out and stuff.

Q: Where did you watch the draft tonight?

MB: I’m back here in Austin with family and we’re watching the draft here.

Q: Did you have a big party or just keep it small?

MB: It was just family that came; family and friends that I feel like helped me get to where I am now. We all came out, we all had fun and watched the draft together.

Q: What do you consider the biggest strength of your game?

MB: I don’t know if there is a [particular] strength. Whatever I’m asked to do, I’m going to do that and, like I said, just try to give it my all. That’s all I can do right now, just come in with the right mindset, chip into the program and try to get somewhere, try to help out the program, not just sit on the sidelines.

Q: Is there any place along the defensive line you like the most?

MB: I like them all. I can play every position. I was pretty good at every position. Wherever he wants me to play, that’s where I’m going to be at, and I’m going to give it my all.

Q: Did you guys play straight 4-3 at Texas or did you mix it up?

MB: We played 4-3, 3-4 all my years here. I played nose-technique, three-technique, defensive end. It doesn’t matter.

Q: Were you following along on Twitter at all? It was reported that the Patriots traded out of that pick. Were you aware of that?

MB: No, I did not see. I was not aware. I really didn’t follow it a lot. I wasn’t even expecting to get picked up by the Patriots. It happened, and I’m glad it happened and I’m just going to go in and go to work.

Q: Did Bill Belichick call you? Is that how you found out?

MB: His assistant called me first and then I talked to him after him.

Q: Which assistant was it?

MB: I can’t remember his name right now.

Q: Do you remember what Bill Belichick said to you?

MB: He was like, ‘Congratulations. You’re a Patriot.’

Q: He’s a man of few words, huh?

MB: Yeah.

Q: A lot of first round picks don’t make it, but you sound like a guy who knows you have to earn everything.

MB: I know nothing comes easy. I know I’m going to have to work for everything I want, and I’m prepared to give it my all and work for that. I’m just ready to go to work. I don’t expect anything and I’m going to work for everything.

Q: Do you have any message for Boston fans?

MB: You guys drafted me, so you’re about to get the best player you’ve ever drafted, so just be ready for when I touch the field.

Q: Do you remember working out for or talking to Matt Patricia at your pro day?

MB: I do. He’s a great guy. He didn’t tell me much. I met with him the next day, watched some film and that was it. But he’s a great guy. I liked his attitude and stuff. I liked how high his program was – his defense.

Q: Bill Belichick said you played a little bit more outside this past year than other years. How natural was that switch for you?

MB: It was real natural. I look at it as every position is the same. There’s just a little bit more space as you move further out. But you get in there and you play every position. I know it’s a little different with first step. The three-technique is a different first step and end you’ve got more space on the outside. That’s how I look at it. I learn every position that I have to go through, I get them down and I feel comfortable in those positions so when I do have to play the position, I’ll be good.

Q: It was noted here tonight that Malcolm is a good name to have on the Patriots right now, because of Malcolm Butler at the Super Bowl.

MB: [laughter].

Q: Do you feel any added pressure coming to the Patriots as a first round pick, considering the success they’ve had in the first round in the past?

MB: I don’t. I came to Texas as a five-star recruit. When I got here I knew I wouldn’t get anything easy. So I’m not going in thinking I’ll get anything easy. I know I have to work for anything. Even though I am a first round draft pick, there is a lot of pressure because they put a lot in me. Also, I’m not just going to take this and just sit back and lay back on it. I’m going to work, I’m going to do what I do going into every year of football. I’m going to give it my all and you’re going to get my all.

Q: Do you have any friends on the Patriots or anyone you know?

MB: Not really. Tom Brady.

Q: Did you ever consider attending the draft?

MB: Well you know, I thought about it at one point. Coach [Charlie] Strong had talked to me, my agent had talked to me, but I felt like there are a lot of people who actually helped me get to where I am. I always sat down in high school and looked at the draft and I always told my uncle that I wanted to be here one day. My high school coach that helped me out, I always told him that I wanted to work hard and get somewhere. And they all helped me get to where I am now, so why would I just go there and let so many people that want to be around me at the time of me being drafted … I have to select a few to go with me and then everybody else would be stuck here watching me on screen getting drafted. Why couldn’t we just all be together?

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