The New England Patriots Should Sign Linebacker Rolando McClain


Yesterday linebacker Rolando McClain visited the New England Patriots, and according to Ian Rapoport of, the visit was positive, but McClain left without a contract.

I know the Pats arguably have the best group of linebackers in the league right now, but I think it would be wise for them to sign McClain. Obviously not as a starter, but for depth, and insurance to the starting three. Dont’a Hightower is recovering from major shoulder surgery, so he may miss the beginning of the season, and Jerod Mayo‘s future with the team is still in the air. His $10 million cap hit is too much, and if he doesn’t restructure, he will be gone (for what it’s worth, I highly doubt he ends up leaving).

The top unit of Hightower, Collins, and Mayo is elite. That is not up for debate. But behind them, there are major questions for New England, and as we all know, lack of depth at a certain position can kill a team’s hopes of winning a championship.

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Right now, the backups would likely be Deontae Skinner, and James Morris. I actually like Morris’ game, and I think he could become this year’s Jonathan Casillas, but if one of the top guys were to go down, I’d much rather have McClain getting the big minutes instead of Morris. McClain has proven he can produce in this league, and while he may not be an elite backer like Hightower, Collins, and Mayo, he is serviceable, and honestly could start on a lot of teams in the NFL.

Now with that said, if the Cowboys come in with a sizable offer to keep McClain, by all means, Patriots, stay away. The Pats are in no position to bid on a player like McClain, especially with Mayo’s cap situation still unknown. However I don’t think Dallas wants to spend a lot on McClain, which could allow the Pats to snag him for a decent rate.

The NFL is all about who can get the most bang for their buck, and McClain has the potential to be a huge score in 2015. He has had off the field issues in the past, but aside from a few exceptions, the Patriots are one of the few teams that can put a stop to those kinds of shenanigans, as their winning culture ultimately wins out.