NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Pushing Hard For Devin McCourty, Making Him A Top Priority


The NFL legal tampering period got underway yesterday, and as usual, the rumors and smokescreens were out in full force. I usually ignore a lot of these rumors, because until free agency begins, we won’t know much, but there was one interesting report that got my attention regarding Devin McCourty.

As Robinson says, this situation appears to be a bit tricky for Philly. They obviously need secondary help, but because of money issues, the probably can’t get McCourty and Maxwell. They are going to have to choose who to throw the most money at, and for the sake of the Patriots, I hope it is Maxwell.

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Another interesting development that affects this situation is the Texans re-signed cornerback Kareem Jackson to a four year contract. This takes one of the top cornerbacks off the market, and it leaves the cabinet of corners extremely bare going forward. How does this affect the Pats? Well for one, it will force the Eagles to move quickly on Maxwell, which means there is a higher chance Devin McCourty stays in New England, and secondly, it makes it vital to keep Darrelle Revis, because there won’t be any corners they can replace him with if he walks.

How will this situation pan out? Who knows. But I have said from the start that I believe McCourty will be a Patriot next year, and while now I think he will have to take a bit of a hometown discount to stay, I’m sticking with my prediction. Philly will be in the hunt, as will a few other teams, but thanks to D-Mac’s love for the team, and the Eagles’ need for a corner, I think McCourty will stay a Patriot.