NFL Free Agency: CB Darrelle Revis To Hit The Open Market?


Yesterday was the first eventful day of the NFL offseason, as a few teams began to show us how their free agency plans will go with their use of the franchise tag.

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The Patriots elected to use the tag on kicker Stephen Gostkowski, which effectively takes the first big free agent of theirs out of play going forward. Will they work out a long-term deal? Possibly. But by tagging him, the Pats have ensured he will be on the team in 2015, so we can now shift our focus to the two other big free agents: Devin McCourty, and Darrelle Revis.

Right now I’m going to focus on the latter, Mr. Revis. I think he still has a slight edge over McCourty as the most important player to keep for New England, as his impact on this defense is unmatched. All Patriots fans are hopeful the team will re-sign him over the next week or so, but according to Adam Schefter, it sounds like Revis may hit the open market. Of course that doesn’t mean for one second he won’t be back in Foxboro next year, but it should make you realize there is a possibility he won’t be back.

If this scenario does in fact unfold, it will be intriguing to see how it plays out. If Revis hits the open market, it will imply he hasn’t come to a reasonable agreement with the Patriots. At least not in the seven days from now until March 10th. So does that mean Revis is back after the money since he got his ring? Or does he just want to test the market to see what price he’ll garner, and use that to get more from New England?

It’s these kind of questions that make the offseason so fun, and what gives us an exciting couple of months going forward. My gut feeling is both Revis and McCourty will be back, although I’m not as sure after McCourty wasn’t tagged, and it was reported that Revis may hit the open market.

We’ll see what happens.