NFL Free Agency: Andre Johnson Will Be Cut If Not Traded, Gauging Patriots’ Interest


For years, naive Patriots fans have clamored for a big-bodied wideout to pair with the quicker inside receivers in New England, and one name that has always been near, or at the top of their list is Andrew Johnson. The aging star has been stuck in Houston for far too long, and now it appears he will be granted a sweet release from Texas.

Okay Pats pals, let me borrow a phrase from one of the biggest idiots in the business, Rob Parker: “No way, no how!”

First off, the Texans will try to trade Johnson, but with his $10.5 million cap hit, that is not going to happen. Johnson is still a good player, but the 33-year-old is no where near what he used to be, and he is not worth anything close to $10 million.

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So assuming Houston doesn’t find a trading partner, Johnson will be cut, and will hit the open market as a free agent. I don’t know what he will fetch on the market, but it will be significantly less than what he was making heading into this season. Because of that, he will draw some decent attention from other teams around the league.

As for the Patriots, I don’t think they should pursue Johnson. What he essentially is at this point in his career is a possession receiver on the outside, and quite honestly, I’d rather have Brandon LaFell, who already has an excellent chemistry with Tom Brady. Even though Johnson would come cheap, it’s not worth throwing off the excellent rapport that has developed between Brady and his stellar group of wideouts.