New England Patriots: Should They Target RB Reggie Bush?


Yesterday it was reported that the Detroit Lions had released running back Reggie Bush, and on cue, every Patriots fan in the world began asking the question, “should the Patriots go after him?” It’s not preposterous, but it isn’t exactly likely either.

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First off, we still have the Shane Vereen issue. If Vereen is looking for $5 million a year, that indicates he is after the money, which means he will not return to New England in 2015. Of course there is always the chance he decides to take the discount to compete for a championship, but I don’t see him coming back next year.

If Reggie Bush is willing to take that discount, I am sure New England will be a place that shows some interest. If Vereen bolts, they will be in the market for a third down, change of pace running back, and Bush has proven throughout his career that he can do that. Now, if he is expecting to get paid top dollar, and be the number one back, there is no chance in hell he will be a Patriot next year. The Pats are one of the smartest teams in the business in recognizing value at the running back spot, and they will never, ever overpay at that position. If Bush wants to come in on a smaller deal, I’d welcome him. But not for anything more than what they’d give Vereen.

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  • If Vereen and Bush don’t work out, that’s just fine. The Pats always find a way to make things work at running back, and they will once again in 2015. They have LeGarrette Blount, James White, and James Gaffney all under contract, and they could be adding to that depth in a few weeks.

    The Pats’ running back corps will be fine, regardless if it includes Reggie Bush, or Shane Vereen.