New England Patriots: Four Takeaways From Blowout Win Over The Denver Broncos

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Nov 2, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (11) runs downfield against the Denver Broncos during the second quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

4. Julian Edelman Bounces Back

I feel bad about turning on Edelman a tad after his two mediocre performances in weeks seven and eight. Sure, he had a few bad drops, and maybe he did struggle a bit in getting open for his quarterback.

But make no mistake about it: Julian Edelman is still a stud, and defenses better game-plan for him, or else he will burn you.

In Sunday’s game Edelman was virtually uncoverable, scorching whatever poor soul was given the task of covering him, and his 84-yard touchdown really got things rolling for the Patriots’ offense. Edelman has proven time after time that he is one of the most valuable pieces on this New England team, not only for his play on the field, but also that emotional lift he gives the team whenever he is out there. Whether it is before the game getting the crowd all riled up, or between plays, his enthusiasm is contagious, and it helps this team immensely. As the postseason creeps closer, the Patriots need Edelman to keep up this kind of play, because 1-on-1, he is one of the best matchups they have to attack.

The rest of the Pats’ offense is really rounding into form, from the bigger targets in Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski, to the little guys in Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen. It is nice to see this group clicking at 100%, and I really believe it comes back to Edelman. I’m not saying he is the most valuable, or the most talented, because that honor clearly belongs to Gronkowski, but Edelman may very well be the heart and soul of this receiving corps.

Edelman finished Sunday’s game with nine catches for 89 yards and a touchdown. LaFell had six receptions for 53 yards and a touchdown, and Gronkowski led the way with nine catches, 105 yards, and a touchdown.