Why the NFL Top 100 Is a Joke


Every year NFL Network does a 10 week series counting down the NFL top 100 players of the past season. The player’s rankings are voted on by their “peers” and are meant to indicate who the best players of the past season were.

However, I personally think the entire 100 Players Countdown is a complete joke. There is no need to even bother doing the show. Everyone knows who will be #1 at the end of the 10 weeks: The league MVP. So, what is the point of wasting everyone’s time doing this stupid show? They not only waste an hour counting down 10 players at a time, they then waste more time by analyzing the 10 players revealed.

The top 100 is not a show based on the season prior; it is based on body of work over the course of a career. A few seasons ago, Peyton Manning was voted #50, and he didn’t even play that whole year. What a load of crap. If I was a player voted # 100-51 I’d be furious. How can a guy who stood on the sidelines be ranked higher than someone who actually put up statistics? That in it of itself makes the ranking rubbish. I know people want to say that Manning’s ranking shows how important he was to the team, but I don’t buy it. He didn’t play. End of story.

This past rendition of the Top 100 was also a load of crap. Everyone knew Peyton Manning was going to win. #1-3 I expected. Manning, Megatron then Brady, I can live with that. What I can’t live with is what happened at running back. There is no way that Adrian Peterson had a better season than Shady McCoy. McCoy not on won the rushing title; he was a much bigger part of the Eagles offense than Peterson was to the Vikings. McCoy had more yards a game, yards a per attempt and total yards. The only thing that Peterson had on McCoy was touchdowns, and McCoy only had 1 less. I’d even put Jamaal Charles ahead of Peterson last season. Charles meant more to the team than Peterson, Charles willed the Chiefs to a winning season. Charles scored more fantasy points by a running back than everyone except McCoy last year. So how is he the 3rd best running back from last year?

Jimmy Graham voted #10 was also a load of crap. He got completely blanked in the Patriots game; he did nothing to help the Saints that game at all. Talib had him locked down. So they put Jimmy Graham in that high ranking but snub people like Julius Thomas and Julian Edelman. What’s up with that? How can you snub those who should have been Probowl receivers? The whole list doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a joke and as much as I love NFL network, they should stop this stupid charade that no one knows who #1 is going to be. Everyone does, just look at your league MVP and you’ll see the answer every time. So if everyone knows who #1 is, what’s the point of seeing who #100-2 is?