The Patriot Way – New England Patriots News 1/31


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

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– In the ultimate story that will just not go away, former NFL running back Marshall Faulk still has gripes about spygate and the Patriots. He also says that being the second overall pick and changing a franchise is a more daunting task than being a sixth round pick and winning the Super Bowl.  His point about the Patriots being 0-2 in Super Bowls since the story broke ignores a few things, namely that two games is about the smallest sample size you can get, and that they made it to two Super Bowls after the fact, once of which at 18-0.  They lost those two games because their offensive gameplan was flawed and their execution (looking at you offensive line!) was even worse, not because of some lacking illegal advantage.  This smacks as sour grapes.  Grow up Marshall.

– The always talkative corner Richard Sherman included Patriots corner Aqib Talib in his short, informal list of the best corners in the NFL today.  I think most Patriots fans would add the important distinction of ‘when healthy.’

– While the Patriots reportedly were interested in acquiring receiver Larry Fitzgerald last offseason (who wouldn’t?), their focus remains on surrounding Tom Brady with weapons.  For what it’s worth, Randy Moss says the team needs to sign Julian Edelman, who has made himself some money.

– Though acquiring Fitzgerald remains a pipe dream, there are some plausible free agent acquisitions that the Patriots could obtain.  I’m not sure the Patriots need a splashy signing, outside of possibly a WR or if the market caves for a player who then accepts a one year deal (i.e. Talib from last offseason).  I can think of one player who would look great with a flying Elvis on his helmet.

– The NFL draft is months away, but mock drafts are being churned out, updated, and analyzed already.  You can track all of the “expert” mock drafts for the Patriots here.  Naturally, the Patriots will select none of these players, and even more likely will frustrate Patriots fans who waited hours for the pick only to see them trade down.