Patriots Position Audit: Safety


Until the NFL and the players put aside their difference and realize how much the game means to fans, the players will be locked out and free agency is on hold. Litigation between the league and the players is set to be heard in court on April 6. The draft will take place no matter what, but hopefully there is a new CBA before then. In the meantime, I’ll evaluate each position on the Patriots’ current roster and look at potential draft picks or free agents (should a new CBA be in place) that could be brought in to improve the position or add depth. Today’s position audit looks at the safety position.

Current Players on the Roster:

  • Brandon Meriweather, Patrick Chung, James Sanders, Jarrad Page, Sergio Brown, Josh Barrett, Bret Lockett, Ross Ventrone

Position Strength:

  • Strong

Position Depth:

  • Strong

Position Need:

  • Low

Possible Free Agent Pick-Ups:

  • None

Possible Draft Picks:

  • None


The Patriots find themselves with an overabundance of quality players at the safety position. The only wild card at the position is Brandon Meriweather due to his recent legal troubles. He has been fingered as the shooter in a recent altercation (no one was killed/harmed), but he has yet to be charged with anything. Whether he will be is unknown, which means any possible arrests, jail time, or league disciplinary action is unknown. As it stands now, the Pats have four starter-quality players- Meriweather, Pat Chung, James Sanders, and Jarrad Page, who was offered a second-round restricted free agent tender. The remaining safeties on the roster are regarded right now as special teams players, and are quality ones.

It would not be surprising if the Pats end up trading one of the four starter-quality players for draft picks or a player at a need position. My guess would be that either Meriweather or Sanders are candidates for such a move. Chung is a rising star and Page figures to be in the Patriots’ long-term plans, seeing as though they offered a second-round tender. If Meriweather is suspended, all four will likely remain on the roster because the Pats won’t be able to trade Meriweather.

I’d be shocked if the Patriots sign a free agent safety or draft one. With other pressing needs and no holes at safety, the players will be weeded out as opposed to seeing new mates. The Pats are lucky to have enough quality players to solidify a young, up-and-coming secondary that figures to soon become a strength as opposed to the liability it has been the past few seasons.

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