Poll: Who should join the AFC East Dream Roster in the secondary?


Thus far, the defense of the AFC BEast Dream Team has come together with little difficulty. Both the defensive line and the linebacker corps were settled between the writers of Musket Fire, Phin Phanatic, The Jet Press, and BuffaLowDown. However, who should fill out the roster in the secondary has led to much debate and cannot be settled among the writers. Therefore, YOU will determine who will complete the defense in the secondary. Two players have already been chosen to fill roster spots. Darrelle Revis of the Jets will man one corner position while Jairus Byrd of the Bills will man one of the safety spots. What we need from you is who will start opposite Revis at corner, a nickel back, and the other starting safety. The objective is to put out the best team possible, so try your best to refrain from just voting for your favorite team’s player. Also, try not to get caught up on whether a player plays nickel, or left corner, right corner, free safety, strong safety, etc. The best players will be “out on the field,” and these particular players can line up in multiple positions. For example, some corners simply line up against the opposing team’s best receiver, no matter where he lines up. Also, on many teams (Patriots included), there truly aren’t any defined “free” or “strong” safeties, and the players line up where the scheme call them to line up.

The top vote-getting corner will be named the “starter” with Revis while the corner that gets the second-most votes will be the nickel corner. You may vote for two corners in the corner poll. Only one player can join Byrd at safety, so you can only vote for one player in the safety poll.