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A Division United


Have you ever watched a PatriotsJets game and said, “Damn, I wish Darrelle Revis was a Patriot.” Maybe the news of Brandon Marshall going to the Phins bummed you out because you were just thinking of the numbers put up in a Tom BradyRandy MossBrandon Marshall-led offense. Well, you will now get to see (kind of) the best of the AFC East take on the other divisions of the NFL. All of the NFL writers in the Fan Sided network are getting together within their divisions to put out the best teams of all-stars to square off with each other, which will culminate in an NFL Division Super Bowl to take place right before training camp starts. You will get to vote on FanSided.com for the winners of individual match-ups leading up to the championship game.

Musket Fire will be working with Phin Phanatic, BuffaLowDown, and the Jet Press to put out the AFC BEast team that will leave other divisions in the dust. Musket Fire will be the hub for the AFC East and I will provide updates as the team comes together over the next week or so. If there are any major disagreements about players that should be on the team, a poll will be posted here on Musket Fire so that YOU can vote and help fill the roster. Phin Phanatic has also posted about this project and you can read their take here.

I’m going to take the high road and refrain (for now) from insulting my fellow division-mates. So make sure that you don’t call our aquatic mammalian friends “fish” because that upsets them. After all, they are mammals you know 😉 . Make sure that you stay tuned and vote your division all the way to the Super Bowl. That may mean calling up that girlfriend you dumped because you found a Marino jersey in her closet because teal made her look cute and bringing her on-board. Perhaps now is the time to reconnect with that son you disowned because he followed Bledsoe over to Buffalo, or apologize to the neighbor you knocked out because he said Mark Sanchez is better than Brady. There will be plenty of time for that stuff later. Now, it’s time to represent the AFC East!