Why Patriots' QB Mac Jones should be named a captain this season

Has Mac Jones done enough to be named a captain?
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Omar Rawlings/GettyImages

The New England Patriots have had solid veteran captains in the last few seasons. Matthew Slater and David Andrews have been great leaders for the Patriots, and they have helped young guys grow and develop. As training camp approaches, captains will soon be named, and one player that should be named a captain is Mac Jones.

Jones has earned the right to be a captain, and it could solve problems with Jones and Belichick. 

Since Jones joined the Patriots, he has grown immensely, and he has dealt with many challenges. Jones has dealt with two different offensive coordinators in two seasons and the pressure of replacing Tom Brady. Although Jones has handled his emotions poorly at certain points, I think they always came from the right place. Jones just cares about winning, and his frustration seemed to be tied to that desire. 

Also, Jones has started to win over the locker room and gain respect from the other captains from past seasons. On Tuesday, Matthew Slater and David Andrews spoke highly of Jones and his work ethic. The key points from their comments revolve around Jones’ confidence and mental toughness. It’s important that Slater and Andrews are giving this kind of praise to Jones because they are the true leaders of the team. I wonder if Belichick will take notice of the comments from Slater and Andrews when he looks to solidify his captains.

Overall, a big reason why Jones should be named captain is to help repair the relationship between him and Belichick. If Belichick was to name Jones a captain, it could go a long way in getting them back on good terms. The move could also help solve all the back-and-forth drama that has occurred between the two.

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see what kind of leadership role Jones takes on this season.