Why have the New England Patriots become a cheap team?

The Patriots need to start paying up or continue to fail
AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots
AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots / Jim Rogash/GettyImages

The New England Patriots drafted Mac Jones in 2020 and were set up to spend big money with a quarterback on a rookie quarterback. Instead, the Patriots have been one of the NFL's lowest-spending teams, and their records have reflected that. The Patriots have failed to learn that they have to build their team differently post-Tom Brady.

Ultimately, it makes absolutely no sense why the Patriots have become a small market team when it comes to spending.

Since the departure of Brady, Belichick has failed to adapt to the new ways of the NFL, and Kraft has not forced him to adapt.

When you look at other teams around the NFL, the teams who have spent top dollar for players have had deep playoff runs or won Super Bowls. Also, teams that have spent with young quarterbacks have had playoff success.

The Patriots have only spent one year in the Jones era and front-loaded all of the contracts to create low-cap numbers. Even in the year they spent, they found a way to decrease the costs.

I'm curious about who is making the call on these decisions. If it’s Belichick, I blame him for not realizing the changes that are happening around the league. If it’s Kraft, I blame him for being a cheap owner.

Kraft has done an excellent job setting himself up to avoid criticism for his lack of spending.

Most people fail to realize that he controls the money and is the most likely reason the Patriots are one of the lowest-spending teams in the league. Through subtle messaging, Kraft has made Belichick the villain in the eyes of the fans when it comes to spending.

Ultimately, if the Patriots are going to return to deep playoff runs, they are going to have to spend at some point.