When will the 2024 NFL Schedule get released?

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

With the 2024 NFL Draft finally in the books, the focus now shifts to the rest of the offseason, with the schedule release set to be the first order of business.

Typically, at this point in the offseason, the league would have already planned to release the schedules this week. That's right on par with how they've handled it over the last few years. But because no update had been shared, there were rumblings of the schedules being pushed out another week.

When will the 2024 NFL Schedule get released?

Right on cue, that's when NFL insider Adam Schefter took to Twitter/X to share the exact date of when the NFL planned to finally reveal the 2024 season schedules. Unfortunately, the whispers were correct, and we will have to wait until Wednesday, May 15, to find out.

Historically, the schedules are released around 5 p.m. Eastern, and full coverage of the event is provided on TV like NFL Network or social media. Each team will also make a spectacle of the reveal, usually having a theme and either unique graphics or a video to accompany the exciting announcement.

Although who will be played when will not be known for another week, teams do already know the opponents they'll be facing, providing a little insight into their season ahead.

CBS Sports detailed some of the most highly anticipated games for the upcoming season, and why fans are looking forward to them.

  • Chiefs at 49ers (Super Bowl LVIII rematch)
  • Ravens at Chiefs (AFC title game rematch)
  • Lions at 49ers (NFC title game rematch)
  • Ravens at Chargers (Harbaugh bowl)
  • Falcons at Vikings (Kirk Cousins revenge game)
  • Raiders at Saints (Derek Carr revenge game)
  • Steelers at Broncos (Russell Wilson revenge game)
  • Broncos at Saints (Sean Payton back in New Orleans)
  • Rams at Lions (Matthew Stafford returns to Detroit after losing playoff game to Lions)
  • Eagles at Giants (Saquon Barkley returns to New York)
  • Bills at Texans (Stefon Diggs faces Bills)
  • Bears at Commanders (Caleb Williams vs. Jayden Daniels if both are starting)

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