What could Jonathan Kraft's alleged words mean for the Patriots' future?

It's time to speculate on what Jonathan Kraft was talking about
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The cameras see everything. During Sunday's loss to the Washington Commanders, FOX cameras panned to Robert and Jonathan Kraft mid-conversation talking about something.

Whatever the Krafts were talking about, it appears Jonathan Kraft was caught saying, "We're not good enough." Now, obviously, nobody knows what Jonathan Kraft is referring to, but to have those words allegedly leave his mouth can't be good news for the Patriots as a whole.

But what possibly could Kraft be speaking about?

The first speculation could be yesterday's game. The Patriots had another disappointing loss in a game where they not only had the lead but also could have won. Instead, the Patriots watched their 14-10 lead slip away and ended up falling 20-17.

The defense fell apart in the second half, where, once again, tackling was a problem. Sam Howell and the Commanders' offense were facing a 3rd and lengthy 23, and Howell was able to convert it himself, running for it himself.

Next, it could be a reaction to how the team is playing this season. It's been a down year for the Patriots. The offense has looked like the island of misfit toys, the special teams are still bad, and the defense has plunged since the loss of Matthew Judon and Christian Gonzalez.

The roster lacks talent, and the lack of talent is leading to poor on-field performances from the team as a whole.

Then there's the coaching staff. Bill Belichick has been under fire this season for almost everything, while Bill O'Brien's offensive scheme has not worked. It appears that Belichick is slowly losing the locker room if he hasn't already completely lost it.

Belichick, the general manager, is also under fire for putting this lackluster roster together. But, with what Jonathan Kraft said, how could it affect the future of this team?

It's tough to say what the future holds based on Kraft saying, "We're not good enough." But it's safe to assume that the upper management of the Patriots is not happy with the product being put on the field. Changes are coming, and maybe, just maybe, sooner than we all think.