Well-connected Patriots insider thinks Mac Jones is starting for team in '24

Tom Curran thinks there an 87% chance that Mac Jones is starting for the New England Patriots in 2024.

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Tom Curran, who is very well-connected, thinks there is an 87% chance that Patriots' QB Mac Jones is going to be starting for the team in 2024. Well, this would be underwhelming. Mac Jones is in his third year with the New England Patriots and is playing horrible football. He's not been good, and at some point, I think we need to stop making excuses for the passer and should quit holding onto his rookie season.

Tom Curran seems pretty confident that Mac Jones is the New England Patriots' starting quarterback in 2024. Here's his reasoning:

Curran latches onto the rookie season from Mac Jones, which is in the past and should not have an impact on Jones' future. He also cites the puzzling coaching decisions, and the Patriots getting rid of their best receiver in Jakobi Meyers. Curran seems to think that drafting a "second-round QB from Slippery Rock" would not have the impact that some think it would.

To me, this is pretty simple for the Patriots:

Mac Jones might not be the main problem, but is he really the solution? Are the New England Patriots going to compete in the loaded AFC with Mac Jones under center? Consider that all of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Trevor Lawrence, Deshaun Watson, Justin Herbert, CJ Stroud (who looks amazing), Tua Tagovailoa, and perhaps Aaron Rodgers are all in the conference and are all clearly more talented and better QBs than Mac Jones.

Do people seriously think the Patriots can win with the AFC version of Kirk Cousins? Come on, man. I get what Curran is saying, I really do. I think there is an argument to be had that the Patriots should prioritize fixing the offensive line and playmakers on offense in 2024 and should not invest a ton in a QB yet.

But I think Mac Jones at his very best is probably the 10th-best QB in the AFC, and that is not good enough. Plus, I really don't think Mac Jones being the team's starter in 2024 is going to put rear ends in seats, so that might be something the organization should consider. The Patriots do have an opportunity to get more draft capital and do have a ton of cap space.

You know what the solution could be? Kyler Murray. The Arizona Cardinals do not seem all the way sold on Murray as their QB of the future, but Murray is a true dual-threat QB and could solve a lot of the Patriots' issues going forward. Anyway, Mac Jones should not be the team's starting QB next year.