Way too early mock draft for the New England Patriots in 2024

Let's help spark the rebuild in New England with this 2024 mock draft!
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Way too early mock draft for the New England Patriots in 2024

RT - Tyler Guyton. . . . 67th. . 464. patsdraft3. .

How about this? The New England Patriots land their two long-term offensive line bookends in the first three rounds. Tyler Guyton is a nasty run blocker who can also hold his own in pass protection. He's also 6'7", so he's got excellent length as well. I think great NFL teams are built from the inside, out, so the Patriots being able to land two tackles like this would be marvelous for their long-term prospects.

. . . . 537. . 98th. patsdraft4. WR - Will Sheppard.

With the 98th overall pick, the Patriots select a 6'3" receiver with insane length and a very high ceiling. Sheppard is a senior and has 21 career touchdowns. The Patriots simply need to keep adding talent to the WR room. I expect that they'll try to make a splash in free agency, but adding in the draft is also smart.

. . . 515. . . patsdraft5. EDGE - Jordan Burch. 135.

I'm drafting by need in this mock draft, and because of that, the Patriots add to their EDGE room with Josh Uche being a free agent in 2024 and Matthew Judon's future truly being up in the air. Burch is a junior with 18.5 tackles for loss, so he knows how to get into the backfield to disrupt plays.