Way too early mock draft for the New England Patriots in 2024

Let's help spark the rebuild in New England with this 2024 mock draft!
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The New England Patriots need a serious rebuild to get back to their old ways, and this 2024 NFL mock draft is a good start for the franchise. The Patriots need to rebuild. It's time for a full teardown and a restart. Bill Belichick has, frankly, ruined this team. The roster is not at all talented; the offense is bad, and the quarterback is no good and has a low ceiling.

It's clear that Tom Brady covered up a ton of roster issues when he was here, and now since he's been gone for years now, those roster issues are becoming more obvious. There is no use trying to "retool" this team to any degree. This organization needs a new quarterback, competent offensive line play, and truly needs to rebuild the offense.

Angling towards the 2024 NFL Draft is a great place to start, so that's what we are going to do today. Let's put together a mock draft for the Patriots using the picks that they currently have.

Way too early mock draft for the New England Patriots in 2024

491. 5th. . LT - Olu Fashanu. . . . . patsdraft1.

The first pick for the Patriots has them picking 5th overall in the coming draft. Fortunately, the best tackle prospect, and frankly best OL prospect in this class falls into their laps. Many thought that Olu Fashanu was going to declare last year, but he returned to Penn State and is a redshirt junior. He's also an excellent technician in pass protection and gives the Patriots' new QB protection on their blindside for years to come.

. . . . 485. patsdraft2. 36th. . QB - JJ McCarthy.

The New England Patriots are patient in the top of the second round and land a potential franchise QB in JJ McCarthy from Michigan. He's got the size, although he is on the leaner side, and has a very lively arm, something that Mac Jones does not have. The Patriots would have some work ahead of them to develop the player, but he's got all of the tools necessary to be a franchise QB.