Video from after Patriots game dispels recent rumor surrounding Mac Jones

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

A lot has been said about Mac Jones over the months, with most of the intense criticism taking off at the start of the 2023 season. Because the quarterback hasn't been performing well and has played a big part in the Patriots sitting at a 2-5 record, rumors continue to flood out of Foxboro surrounding not just Jones but even Bill Belichick and the rest of the roster.

It's not entirely unexpected because when a team is uncharacteristically losing, people are looking for the root of the issue and a person to blame, hence why calls for Jones to be cut and Belichick to be fired started to gain traction online.

But that's not where the craziness stopped.

Other than those voicing their displeasure with how the season has transpired thus far, media members took advantage of the moment and chose to pile on a player while they were down. During his three-year career, Jones has never been disrespectful or dismissive of the media, which makes their decision to start false rumors a bit more unsettling.

Of course, there is likely some truth to some of what has been put out there, like unhappiness on the team because of losing, which is typical for any team expected to win. However, when it starts to get more personal, that's when it becomes excessive and unnecessary.

That's what Jones has been on the receiving end of in recent weeks. Gossip began spreading that he was in the hot seat, and the Patriots were looking to trade or replace him, bringing back the false rumor that Belichick attempted to trade him during the offseason.

Personal attacks then started becoming more common, with some even suggesting Jones needed to just "shut up and play" rather than speak to the media in his contractually agreed interviews. But the worst rumor of all came when Boston media claimed the quarterback had lost the locker room due to his poor performances.

Although several players had spoken to the contrary, these reporters insisted it was the truth and claimed the distaste for Jones went to the front office, who were "ready to move on" from him as soon as possible.


Despite several of his Patriots teammates advocating for him repeatedly this season, the narrative has continued until now.

New England's latest win against the Bills in the fashion it was does brought joy to the team, with even Belichick seen celebrating the touchdown pass to Mike Gesicki to put them ahead of Buffalo to seal the win. But the most notable scene was the sheer number of players that went up to congratulate and celebrate with Jones after the game was over, which was caught on video by The Camera Guys.

It immediately dismissed the rumors that some reporters had been spreading over the last several weeks. Even though nobody necessarily needed first-hand proof that the team was still a solid unit, it was the perfect time to see Jones' teammates ensure they went up to him before heading into the locker room.

That support continued when a few of the players who spoke to the media shared their appreciation for the quarterback and repeated his positive attributes once more. Some may say it was because the team got a win and they were in a good mood, which is probably partly true. But it was just the latest example of Jones' teammates voicing their fondness for him as a player, a captain, and a teammate.